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484220 Specialized freight trucking, local
484220 Flatbed trucking, local
484230 Specialized freight trucking, long-distance
484230 Flatbed trucking, long-distance

High-Value Moving
484210 Used household and office goods moving
484210 Van lines, moving and storage services

Warehousing and Storage
493110 Warehousing (including foreign trade zones)
493190 Bonded warehousing
493190 Public warehousing and storage

Outside Storage
531190 Land rental or leasing

Storage Containers and Trailers
531130 Self-storage unit rental or leasing
531130 Self-storage warehousing

Packing and Crating
488991 Packing and crating
488991 Crating goods for shipping
488991 Packing and preparing goods for shipping

Logistics Consulting Services
541614 Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting
541614 Efficiency management consulting
541614 Inventory planning and control management consulting
541614 Logistics management consulting
541614 Physical distribution consulting
541614 Transportation management consulting

Freight Transportation Arrangement
488510 Freight transportation arrangement
488510 Customs brokers
488510 Freight forwarding

Other Support Activities
488490 Inspection or weighing services, truck transportation
488490 Loading and unloading at truck terminals
488490 Pilot car services (i.e., wide load warning services)
488490 Truck weighing station operation
488490 Trucking terminals, independently operated

*North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)