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Carpentry Shop
321920 Boxes, wood, manufacturing
321920 Shipping crates, wood, manufacturing
321920 Skids and pallets, wood or wood and metal combinations, mfg

Electric Shop
811310 Electric motor repair and maintenance services
811310 Electrical generating and transmission equipment repair/maint

Machine Shop
332710 Machine Shops

Mechanic Shop
811310 Heavy machinery and equipment repair and maintenance
811310 Industrial equipment and machinery repair and maintenance
811310 Machine tools repair and maintenance services
811310 Mechanical power transmission equipment repair and maint
811310 Hydraulic equipment repair and maintenance services
811111 Truck repair shops, general
811310 Forklift repair and maintenance services
811310 Materials handling equipment repair and maintenance services

Paint Shop
811121 Truck trailer body shops
811121 Truck trailer paint and body repair

Wash Shop
811192 Truck washes
561790 Pressure washing

Weld Shop
811310 Welding repair services

*North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)